Waggers is staffed by caring, loyal and dedicated professionals. We make your companion’s stay with us the best experience they can encounter while you go about your daily routine.

  • Carlos Gonzalez
    Carlos Gonzalez Management

    Carlos is a Long Island native with a passion for animals and has been a veterinary technician for 14 years. He has a strong interest in management and in using his veterinary medical knowledge to enhance the Waggers Dog Daycare facility.

    In his spare time, Carlos likes to rescue dogs and helps find them loving forever homes. He has a soft spot for pitbulls and is passionate about educating people on this misunderstood and smart dog.

    Carlos enjoys spending time with his wife and his two rescued pitbulls, Jayla and Titan.

  • Danny Motisi
    Danny Motisi Supervisor

    Danny was born and raised in Chicago and has always had a passion for dogs. He originally wanted to become a teacher, but his instinct led him to work at Waggers, starting as a handler. Danny’s hard work and understanding of dogs led to him his current position, supervisor. Customers are always happy to see Danny’s smiling face when they walk through the door! He greets each client and their dog by name and has such a positive attitude. He has supervised a full staff and has knowledge about every aspect of the pet care industry.

    On his time off he likes to play baseball, lay on the beach, go hiking and attend sporting events.

  • James Longhofer
    James Longhofer Trainer

    We’re please to introduce our lead dog trainer, James. He is a 39-year old certified trainer with 19-year of experience. James has been a dog- owner his whole life and has been working with them professionally for over two decades.

    His passion for training started years ago when working in the field with abandoned dogs who needed help with behavioral issues. James trained these wonderful would-be pets and gave them a second chance at life by helping them find new forever homes as fully-trained and trustful pets.

    James #1 goal is to help dogs & families create an unbreakable bond that will last a lifetime. What makes James different from other trainers is that he focuses on owner and pet alike, training both to work as a team. This forges the strongest relationship between family and pet.
    Specialized certification as a Positive Dog Trainer for 5 years Trains multiple breeds and all age groups
    Effective professional that can eliminate common behavioral obstacles

  • Melanie Capraro
    Melanie Capraro Trainer
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